A Guide to My Reviews on Film Fisher

I occasionally write about or review films for Film Fisher. Here is a list of all that I’ve written so far:

To the Wonder
Million Dollar Arm
Captain America: The Winter Soldier
The Dallas Buyers Club
The Truman Show
Blue Jasmine

Boyhood is one of the most highly reviewed film this year. Enemy and To the Wonder are two difficult films and in my reviews I tried to put away some common misunderstandings. Million Dollar Arm reveals a troubling aspect of American films. Marvel doesn’t think Captain America is interesting and that’s a pity. Wall-E is my favorite Pixar film. Nebraska is entertaining. Dallas Buyers Club fails entirely. The Truman Show is a modern classic. Junebug is a little known gem. I manage to talk about what I like about Woody Allen in my review of Blue Jasmine.


A Discussion on Gattaca
Inside a Scene: The Social Network
Inside a Scene: The Dallas Buyers Club
24 Questions for Sunshine
24 Questions for The Terminal

Gattaca is one of the most rigorously envisioned futures of all time. Aaron Sorkin is really good at dialogue and David Fincher is a talented director. The Rodeo appears three times in Dallas Buyers Club and it says something different each time. 24 Questions are helpful exercises for film clubs in studying and understanding films.


Separation and the Sea: A Comparison Between Cast Away and All Is Lost
On Foul Language
An Experiment in Criticism for Film