Favorite Poems from Poetry Magazine 2014

January : Scene by Maxine Chernoff
Arlene and Esme by Emily Berry

February : There Are Birds Here by Jamaal May
Make a Law So That the Spine Remembers Wings by Larry Levis

March : Good Friday by Maria Melendez Kelson
alternate names for black boys by Danez Smith

April : “At nights birds hammered my unborn” by Ishion Hutchinson
On Hierophany by Karen An-Hwei Lee

May : Mrs. God by Joshua Corey
The Gospel of Ometeotl, the Brown Adam by J. Michael Martinez

June : Vertigo by Les Murray
Compost by Dan Chelotti

July/August : Triptych for Topological Heart by Alice Fulton
Romanticism 101 by Dean Young

September : Dandelions (II) by Henri Cole
Studies of an Ox’s Heart, c. 1511-13 by Sylvia Legris

October : Undress by Ruby Robinson
Healers by Sophie Collins

November : August 5, 1942 by Jerzy Ficowski
“When I’d reported to the couples, thus” by Bertolt Brecht

December : The Forecast by Wendy Xu
On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous by Ocean Vuong

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